QR Stuff - Harness the power of mobile

Make it easy for the increasing numbers of people surfing the web via mobile to find you. QR Codes are those funny little squares which are popping up everywhere. 

QR stands for Quick Response. Using a smart phone camera the Code is scanned and prompts an action. With increasing number of people accessing the internet via mobile their popularity is set to grow. Scanning a QR Code could open a website, open an email, make a phone call or link direct to an online video. It is a quick and easy way of adding life and interaction to your school marketing materials.

Many websites offer QR Code generators. The Centre for Marketing Schools recommends QR Stuff. QR Stuff enable you to generate, track traffic, and EDIT the action taken. This ongoing flexibility makes it much easier for you as a school marketer. Changing where a QR Code directs the user can means the viewer can always be taken to your latest material.

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