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Issue 731 - 19-aug-2018

Controversial donation system a bonus for a Christian School

The tax deductable status for schools is often controversial. When do schools become businesses rather than charities? Rules vary around the world.

Would your school accept a $500,000 donation from a car sales man who wears a cowboy hat and rides a bull? I expect most would still say “of course we would.”  Ted Earnhardt of Earnhardt Auto Centers choose to make the donation to support the local Payson Christian School. The donation comes under a tax credit program for corporations. Managed by a school tuition organization, a corporation may donate to private schools of their choice to pay for student scholarships to attend the school. The amount donated comes off the company’s state income tax liability.

For the school the donation is significant. “They walk in here and they want to be part of this. Then, in a short period of time, I see their hope-filled face fills with sadness when they realize they cannot pay for this school… As soon as I got off the phone (after hearing about this donation) I was able to call one of our parents that was in tears the day before to tell them it might be possible,”

Source: Earnhardts donate $500,000 to Payson Christian School 

Issue 731 - 19-aug-2018

Helping students record memoirs for others

Many schools have Grandparents Day. This year however The King’s School in Sydney has added a wonderful initiative. Eleven English and History students have been paired with eleven residents of a local retirement home. The students will help record, document and publish digital and print memoirs for these residents.

The brilliant advances in voice recognition technology and ease of online collaboration means the residents own family members can also be part of the process. The students are using Bookform  which is publicly available and may assist many schools and students in creating books.

Learn more at: The King’s School ‘Write of Passage’ Project 

Issue 731 - 19-aug-2018

The World Needs More Cowboys

“Restless curiosity… what ever happened to that?” is how the new promotional video for the University of Wyoming starts. The video “The World Needs More Cowboys” has created some controversy. It is a clever video. At 1 minute 24 seconds it is long enough to have the first 28 seconds set a very dull perception of society. From there the video speeds up, and speeds up some more.

“The world needs more wonder” is my personal favourite line.

Some complain that the slogan is sexist. However listening to the script I would question that sentiment. 

Source: Wyoming staffers say the cowboy is ‘sexist.’ In Fort Worth, we beg to differ