In 2008 when first asked to help a local school with their marketing I was reluctant. Why? Because I felt schools would be different to general marketing. I enjoy marketing because it is a PEOPLE focused activity. People are fascinating. They come in all shapes, sizes, world views, expectations, beliefs, attitudes, cultures, experiences. They love and hope for different things. People are what make life really interesting.

What I have discovered in helping schools is that no two schools have the same story. What I love about schools is they are all about people. It is the sharing of the school's unique story, rather than the direct competing for the same target audience which engages my passion.

In 2011 Dr Linda Vining, the Founder of the Centre for Marketing Schools approached me to purchase her business and continue its work. I had loved her weekly newsletter, chatting to her on the phone, and speaking at her annual conference. The beauty of the Centre for Marketing Schools is the extensive International Network of School Marketers. Together we bring fresh ideas, new concepts and courage to try something new for the first time. Being in contact with so many schools and their Principals, Registrars and marketing staff puts the Centre for Marketing Schools in a unique position to hear, share and inspire schools in what is possible.

However I have never been a good spectator or tourist. I prefer to meet local people, talk, get my hands dirty. I have travelled quite considerably. I have enjoyed eating all sorts of foods, travelling on public transport and exploring behind the scenes. The same is true with how I consult with schools.

For 10 years I served as a marketing consultant to Covenant Christian School in Sydney. The school has grown considerably. Yet I know that I am not solely responsible! It takes a team to build a school. Everyone's role is important. I also engage as a consultant with some other schools when time and interest allows.

So if you are wanting help with your school marketing please tell me your story. I may be able to help ... or I may know someone who can.

Neil Pierson
School Marketing Storyteller

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