• When prospective parents and students visit your school what do they experience during and afterwards? Marion Cape, Director of Marketing and Communications at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar operates in a highly competitive area of Melbourne Australia. They are continually innovating with their Open Mornings. Marion shared their current process is that when guests register they receive a welcome pack with all relevant information and a small branded gift (slapband) for ...

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  • Mobile application process

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Here’s an innovative strategy to boost enrolment applications and streamline the application process. It could well apply to our school.
    Neil Pierson from Marketplace Answers sent this site. He says, “I feel streamlining the application process is something many schools need to look at. How parents are treated in the enrolment process reflects a great deal on the school and how their children will ...
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  • “As customers are increasingly targeted with information at every possible touch point, it is less likely that our intended audience will actually hear our message. We will need more creative ways to engage them, rather than interrupt them, and involve them in conversations that have value to them.” - Robbie Robertson, Marketing Director, Landor Associates.
    An education expo is an essential part of the marketing mix for a school. It ...
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