• Emotional stories and imagery are used by many organisations to raise funds. Homeless children on a billboard, victims of domestic abuse, starving children are all effective in creating an emotional response. However do the stories and images need to be real? Are “fake” stories which relate to actual real life examples ethical? “St. Joseph's Indian School in South Dakota sends out 30 million mailers every year. Inside are stories from ...

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  • Confusion over starting school

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    A few weeks ago I reported on the confusion caused by high schools starting in Year 7 or Year 8 in different states in Australia.

    Ken Welsh, Regional Education Liaison Officer, Defence Community Organisation in NSW, replied that confusion also faces families beginning school. He points out the name of the first year varies from state to state, as follows:
    • ACT - Kindergarten
    • NSW - Kindergarten
    • NT – Transition ...
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  • Freelance writer

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Are you looking for a writer and editor to help with your promotional publications?
    Emma Reeves is a freelance writer who specialises in school publications. She has more than 10 years experience in public relations and marketing in various educational and professional settings. She is available to help you with writing and editing school marketing material. Her contact details are: ph 0449 566 107
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  • Girls Bust Out at Camberwell Girl

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    For a most unusual fundraiser take a look at Camberwell Girl’s Secondary College Art Show titled Girls Bust Out
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  • Community use of school facilities

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Many schools have facilities that are under-utilised but could be used by the general community during the holidays and out of school hours.

    This is a good way to introduce outside families to your school which can result in enrolments, as well as earn some income.

    Covenant Christian School in Sydney hires its facilities to an out-of-school-hours dance academy four afternoons a week. 

    Do you have under-utilised facilities that ...
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  • School marketing videos

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012

    A collection of YouTube videos with relevant messages and good ideas for school marketers can be seen on the CMS website.

    Here you will find videos on:

    • The Principal’s Blog
    • Marketing schools in the digital era
    • Power of word-of-mouth online
    • 7Cs of customer relations
    • Alumni relations
    • Creative advertising
    • Students make catchy video that goes viral
    • YouTube extends media reach
    • Misdirected emotions
    • Using testimonials to arouse emotions
    • A talking school
    • Recording ...
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