Marketing strategy
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    People are more likely to tell you their name if you introduce yourself first – even if you wear a name badge. Some people have mental blanks and may know your name – but not immediately. It is a good goal to learn as many names at school as you can.

    “Your name is your most valuable marketing tool; and it’s free, so offer it generously. But don’t expect people ...

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    NOFNIDEA? Was the bold heading on the billboard. The tagline was “no tools, no worries” In the background was the distinctive blue and yellow of an IKEA store.

    Australians often like humour. We can be cheeky. Sometimes it backfires. This was an attempt by a mattress / sofa company called koala to poke fun at how much easier it is to assemble their furniture than IKEA. I imagine there ...

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  • In today’s image conscious world, every school needs a Style Guide. This document defines your identity and provides guidelines for Everyone to follow. I have been reading some good Style Guides (assignments) submitted by candidates for the CMS Diploma in School Marketing. One of these comes from Carolyn Egan, Marketing Officer at Orange Anglican Grammar School in NSW. In the introduction she explains to the staff that everyone must ...

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  • Online school surveys

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Technology now makes it much easier to develop online surveys for market research, but formulating the questions is still a time-consuming challenge. I am often asked if I will sell the questions alone that are used in CMS surveys.
    The answer now is yes.
    CMS Satisfaction Surveys are evolving to meet the needs of schools who want to develop their own online surveys using tools such as Survey Monkey.
    CMS ...
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  • Reshaping families

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    “Families are coming in smaller sizes and a wider range of shapes, says Professor Alan Hayes from the Australian Institute of Family Studies.
    Research shows that the traditional nuclear family of mum, dad and children living together is dying.
    Professor Hayes said that the family concept is not dying but it is reshaping to include step families, de facto couples, single parents, gay parents, international adoption and surrogacy.
    The question ...
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