School Events
  • When prospective parents and students visit your school what do they experience during and afterwards? Marion Cape, Director of Marketing and Communications at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar operates in a highly competitive area of Melbourne Australia. They are continually innovating with their Open Mornings. Marion shared their current process is that when guests register they receive a welcome pack with all relevant information and a small branded gift (slapband) for ...

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  • 734 German first day.png

    How does your school celebrate when children first start? Is it as exciting as Christmas? Do parents, grandparents and the rest of the school get involved to make it a special day?

    A facebook video has highlighted how schools in Germany make the first day at school an extra special occasion for young students. Held on Saturday the school gathers with families to welcome the new students and present them ...

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  • 732 Common Sound 473.png

    A Catholic School and a Synagogue are located across the road from each other in St Louis Park. Students walk across the road for some services. The Rabbi sometimes teaches in the school. This year the two organisations ran “The Common Sound Music Festival.” 700 people attended.

    “This was such a fun endeavor and we love being able to send an important message of unity to the community at-large.”

    Lesson ...

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  • Come and see our new building

    Date posted: 26 Aug 2018

    What message would you put on a branded school bus? I recently saw a nicely branded bus with the back window taken up with what I gather is a changeable sign. The message of “Come and see our new building,” with a photo of a student, made me wonder if it was a missed opportunity. The sign did then suggest a tour and included the website in a clear font ...

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  • I really dislike the commercial pounding we receive for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day (concepts developed by business to sell products), so it was heartening to see a school take Father’s Day (last Sunday) and turn it into a meaningful experience for their parents and students. Take a look at

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  • Mother's Day marketing

    Date posted: 10 Jan 2012

    The focus of this year’s School Marketing Aforia (Melbourne in August) is School Marketing In The Digital Age (see

    One of Australia’s cleverest school marketers, Neil Pierson from Covenant Christian School, who is always pushing the technology frontiers, will be at the Aforia where he will show us the exciting things he is doing for his school.
    Look what he did on Mother’s Day ...

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    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    I’ve spent today at the BAROSSA AIRSHOW, a huge show put on by a small school.
    Thousands of people, performing aircraft, many sponsors and a myriad of stalls came together in a farmer’s dry paddock.
    It was all organised by parent volunteers from St Jakobi’s Lutheran Primary School. Principal Kathryn Krieg explained that initially a few parents had an interest in aviation and the event grew from there as a ...
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  • Simple move, big impact

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Every year Covenant Christian School (NSW) holds a concert during the October holidays organised by an external provider. About 700 visitors attend. But the school was noticing that as soon as the concert was over the visitors took off rather than staying around to look at the infants school, as hoped, and use the school cafe.
    A simple change of plans made a huge difference.
    The entry queue was moved ...
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  • Are you working on a Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) for your 2012 marketing plan? A DMS is a new concept for schools (many businesses also) and requires a marketing manager to think differently.

    Module 4 of the CMS Diploma in School Marketing guides candidates in the preparation of a digital marketing strategy (DMS) for their school for the next 2 years. 

    Some of the things being considered are:
    • ...
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  • Diploma in School Marketing

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Applications are being taken now for the CMS Diploma in School Marketing for Semester One 2012. This course runs from January to May but you can begin in December if you wish to make a start in the holidays.
    Applications close at the end of the November.
    For a brochure and registration form contact Centre for Marketing Schools
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  • Harnessing parent power at schools

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    If you want to learn how to harness parent power get a copy of my book on managing your volunteer workforce, titled ‘Working With Volunteers in Schools” Only available from CMS. Cost $32
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