School Marketing
  • 732 Small Business Expo Shark Tank.jpg

    Shark Tank is a popular television show where small business owners pitch their ideas to a team of potential investors to expand their business. Rather than reinventing something schools can often piggyback on ideas that are already widely understood.

    Belmont Christian College put a call out to their parent business community to attend a Small Business Expo and dinner where their Business Studies students ...

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  • Come and see our new building

    Date posted: 26 Aug 2018

    What message would you put on a branded school bus? I recently saw a nicely branded bus with the back window taken up with what I gather is a changeable sign. The message of “Come and see our new building,” with a photo of a student, made me wonder if it was a missed opportunity. The sign did then suggest a tour and included the website in a clear font ...

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  • Strategic School Marketing

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Strategic Marketing is on my mind because this week I was invited by a principal to visit a school where marketing had fallen over. She had engaged an external marketing consultant to prepare a marketing plan for a cost in excess of $10,000. The school then appointed a teacher as a marketing officer to implement the plan.
    One year on, the principal told me the whole exercise was an ...
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  • Training in school marketing

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    To aid schools set up professional marketing departments, I developed the Diploma in School Marketing. For an investment of only $3,000 a school can train a member of its staff via guided school-specific workplace assignments.

    I act as a mentor to each candidate, and as an outcome the school gets:
    • A person qualified in school marketing.
    • A professional Style Guide for their school.
    • An individualised Strategic ...
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  • Explain your school's philosophy

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012

    Presently CMS is turning it’s mind to the School Education Expo SA which will be held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on 19 and 20 May 2012. This is one of the best opportunities a school has to talk to thousands of parents who seek information for decision making. Schools need to explain their philosophy to parents and tell them what the school can do for them. Don’t ...

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