School song
  • School communication dangers

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Technology is changing the methods we use to communicate; and we need to change the ways we publish information.
    This point is expounded in a chilling article published in the Sydney Morning Herald * that stresses that schools need to understand what they are posting on the web and the legal ramifications. Take a look at
    * Sydney Morning Herald, Practice the web ...
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  • Marketing experts told Catholics from Australia and NZ that the Catholic Church needs to improve its public image.
    A new marketing campaign called ‘Living Catholic’ has been developed that identifies the Catholic Church as a way of life, rather than an institution. The campaign markets the broader scope of things the church does, such as its caring and helpful community work.
    Catholic schools also got a mention. The message was ...
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  • It’s springtime so there are lots of conferences. Here's a brief rundown on some key points from two conferences held in Adelaide last week, with a comment from me here and there.
    US paediatric psychologist Dr Steven Hughes, speaking at The Hills Montessori Conference, said enrolments in Montessori schools are increasing worldwide. “Parents want more than atraditional education for their children,” he said.
    This reminded me of a ...
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  • Marketers on the move

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Jackie Dalton has resigned as Director of Marketing at Newington to take up a new role in the Vet Science Faculty at Sydney University.
    Welcome to new CMS Networkers:
    Hayley Hoskin, PR Coordinator, Mindarie Senior College, WA
    Barry Krueger, Head, Geelong Lutheran College, VIC
    Debbie De Koning, Marketing Manager, EduAdmin, S Africa
    Claudia Ribeiro, The British School, Rio de Janeiro, S America
    Until next week . . .
    Dr Linda Vining, FACE
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  • Neil Pierson ventured back to his old high school. As he looked at the school through the eyes of a school marketer and sang the school song what did he see?
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