• School families moving

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    On average, families move house every 5 years according to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics Social Trends Report.
    In my suburb, houses change hands on average every 3.8 years.
    Do you know the stats for your school’s intake suburbs? If not, ring the real estate institute in your state and make enquiries. This is valuable marketing intelligence.
    It reaffirms that you need to be constantly out there ...
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  • Ad hoc school marketing

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Many schools apply an ad hoc approach to school marketing - an advertisement here, a website there, events . . .
    This may be called marketing, but it is not Strategic Marketing. It is NOT part of a clearly developed Strategic Marketing Plan that sets goals, determines budgets, analyses demographic trends, undertakes market research, integrates outreach collateral and uses marketing metrics to measure effectiveness.
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  • Mums getting older

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    The number of women aged over 35 and 40 having their first baby has increased, according to a report released this week.*
    For example, in South Australia 22% of mothers were over 35.
    This socially determined change is having a huge impact on schools. Older women have fewer children, they are better off financially and more confident and worldly because they are in the workforce, and they are more assertive ...
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  • School Education Expo Thank You

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Thank you to everyone involved in the brilliant School Education Expo held in NSW this weekend, particularly General Manager Elizabeth Christie and Expo Liaison Officer Lynette Eggins.
    The expo is a huge, complex community event that is very expensive to stage and takes CMS a year to organise. But, oh, it is so rewarding to see thousands of visitors, who often travel a long way, accessing quality, accurate information to ...
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  • Welcome School Marketers to CMS

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    This week I’m pleased to welcome the following people to the CMS Network:
    Deb Slade, Registrar/Marketing, St Mark’s College, Port Pirie, SA
    Mark Robertson, Principal, Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College, VIC
    Tanya Graham, Marketing, New England Girls' School, NSW
    Scott Howes, Co-Headteacher, Lydney Primary Sch, Gloucestershire, UK
    Jane Tan, Marketing, Satit Rangsit School, Bangkok, Thailand
    Until next week . . .
    Dr Linda Vining, FACE
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  • The opening of the Junior School at Christian Brothers College (CBC) in Adelaide was the highlight of my week. Boy’s education has changed dramatically over the decade so it was exciting to see how innovative architecture is a companion to boys’ learning and to eco-sustainabili=y.
    Everything about this inner-city campus encourages the high energy, action-oriented way of boys. I noticed stimulating visual features everywhere, such as curved lines, vibrant ...
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  • Windows into a school

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    Open plan took on new meaning for me at CBC, which is a very community-minded school.
    The front of the school is aligned along a main street in the central business district. People who walk past can look in through showcase windows and see the boys at work in the classroom and in the library on the ground floor of the three storey building. The boys can also look out ...
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  • High powered marketing

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    A marketing bomb has exploded in the offices of the Australian College of Educators. After years of ageing and declining membership, low attendance at events, dreadful PR (my experience) and near amalgamation, the professional association has brought in the big guns in an attempt at survival.
    The ammunition is a high-powered marketing team.
    There’s a new CEO whose credentials stem from corporate marketing. She’s coming on fast and strong. This ...
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  • World Population growth

    Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
    The world will hit 7 billion people by the end of October 2011
    Current world population growth rate is 1.1%
    Current Australian growth rate is 1.4%
    Australia's population is increasing by about 950 people per day which means Australia will hit 23 million in July 2012.
    Source: Mark McCrindle Research
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