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School Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff


School support staff often have more interactions with parents and community members than any other school personnel. That’s why skills in customer relations are so important for customer facing staff. This course is designed to equip busy people with the specialised skills needed to project a professional, caring and efficient face to the outside world, even when the pressure is on. The course has 6 modules, which are undertaken by distance learning. The candidate is guided through a learning manual with worksheets and a textbook. A CMS personal mentor assists learning. When all lessons are completed you will receive a handsome Certificate in Customer Relations that can be framed and hung on your office wall.

The Customer Relations Course is a fun and interactive distance learning course. It has 6 modules and can be done at home or at school, at a pace that suits you.

School Customer Relations Course Registration

The course is contained within a hard cover binder that includes:

  • a textbook
  • 6 modules of work
  • guided questions
  • work related assignment

Testimonials about the School Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff

"Until I undertook this professional development course I didn't realise just how important the front office is to a school. The course helped me think about the presentation of the office, my personal presentation, how to listen, how to handle difficult people and how to give out information. Lesson one directed me to study the school handbook so I could better understand the philosophy of the school and its mission. I can honestly say that this has improved the quality of interaction I have with parents and staff." - Stephanie Lorens, Sydney Adventist College

“the course was a valuable and worthwhile investment” Steve Bullied, Principal Bridgetown High School WA

"This is a wonderful course that is extremely relevant to the day to day activities of all admin staff including the uniform department and our volunteers." - Susan duBoulay, Swan Christian Education Association

“The course helped me think about the presentation of the office, my personal presentation, how to listen, how to handle difficult people, and how to give out information. It has been a most worthwhile period of professional development.” Stephanie Lorens Sydney Adventist College

“The 6 week course changed how I do my job.” Caryn School Officer Bridgetown High School WA

Success Stories: Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff

I had a happy start to my day on Friday when I attended a morning assembly at Wynn Vale Public School (SA) to present awards to 2 office staff who have graduated with a CMS Certificate in Customer Relations for Non-Teaching Staff. The monthly assembly starts at 9 am so parents can attend after they drop their children at school. The assembly is conducted by the students so there is always a big parent turn out. Parents stay for coffee afterwards where they can chat with staff.

On Friday the deputy principal talked about the important role that office staff play in the running of the school. The school’s investment in professional training for admin staff shows that they are genuine about this.

When I addressed the audience I explained that the two graduates, Dympna Davies and Lynn Steen, had to work hard for their certificate and do tests and assignments. Dympna and Lynn received a big round of applause from parents, children and reachers. Their framed certificates will be hung in the office.

I applaud the way the school has recognised its admin staff and demonstrated that their learning environment operates at all levels of the school.

Holy Spirit Catholic School in Queensland is to be commended on investing in professional development for two members of its office staff who have just graduated with a CMS Certificate in Customer Relations (CRC).

”The school considers front office staff to be as important as all other members of the school. Hospitality at the first encounter can make or break a potential enrolment. This course is practical and pertinent to what the school is trying to achieve. It guided our secretaries to review and reflect on their practice and find ways to improve. We consider it was a very worthwhile investment.” Bill Goodwin Deputy Principal, Holy Spirit Catholic School Queensland

Congratulations to Paula McDonell and Cassandra Dipplesmann who have received handsome certificates from CMS to display on the office wall.

Kayla Sosiak from Peace Lutheran School in Cairns has just graduated with a Certificate in Customer Relations from Centre for Marketing Schools. Kayla is the new front-counter administrative officer at the school. She completed the course in 6 weeks by distance learning, working on one module per week. “I really liked doing all those little exercises,” she said. “It taught me a lot about the school, its mission and its people.”

Jackie Wilson Marketing Coordinator Peace Lutheran School, said that admin staff in schools receive very little professional training and yet they are such important people in creating an impression. “The course for Kayla was an absolutely good investment. I’ve noticed a marked difference in the way she approaches her work.”

School receptionist Kathryn Clarke graduated with a CMS Certificate in Customer Relations. When I rang to congratulate her she said the course had opened her eyes to the importance of the front office. She said: “I used to think that being a receptionist was a lightweight job. How wrong was I! A receptionist does more than answer the phone. I now realise how vital the role of that first contact is in setting the tone and impression of the school.”

As part of a work-place assignment Kathryn coined this anagram for RECEPTION









Nice presentation

Friendly, can-do, skilful and helpful,” is the personal image that Denise Warren, Admin Assistant (Library) Yarra Valley Grammar, has set herself. This was one of the exercises she completed as part of the CMS Certificate in Customer Relations for Non-Teaching Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Customer Relations Course

Are there any refunds?

Sorry no. Once you have received the course workbook there are no refunds. If the school has paid for the course and the staff member who starts the course and then during the semester leaves the school the course can be transferred to another staff member provided all work is completed.

How do I register for the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff?

Complete the Registration Form and submit. A tax invoice will then be supplied. Once payment has been received your course materials will be sent to you.

School Customer Relations Course Registration

How does the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff work?

The entire course materials are provided in a folder. You work through each module completing the activities and reading. You can do it at your own pace or even work together with colleagues.

How long does the Certificate in Customer Service take?

The course has six modules ideally to be completed over 6 weeks. However you can have up to 5 months to complete.

How much does the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff cost?

Registration fee per person is (Australian) $580. This includes tax, course material in a ringbind folder, the textbook, a personal mentor, marking of worksheets and a certificate on the satisfactory completion of the course

What payment options are there?

A Tax Invoice will be supplied from Marketplace Answers Pty Ltd trading as Centre for Marketing Schools. Payment can be made by EFT, VISA, MASTERCARD or CHEQUE. For credit card payments, a 2% surcharge will apply. A bank cheque is required for overseas registrations using the cheque payment method. Your place will only be confirmed on receipt of the registration form and payment.

What will I learn about in the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff?

The course is practical, hands-on and easy to follow with diagrams, cartoons and many interactive exercises. It is presented in a colourful hard-cover binder and there is a textbook for learning support. CMS will guide you all the way. You will have a personal mentor who will keep in touch with you by email, phone or fax as you work through each module. There are 6 modules as follows:

'- Module 1 You and your customers

A self-assessment questionnaire gets you started. Then you will use the text book to answer questions such as; What are the image building blocks of a school and where do you fit in? What are the six deadly sins of customer service?

'- Module 2 Managing first Impressions

Certain behaviours can hinder or help with first impressions. What messages are you sending via your words, and those other silent communicators?

'- Module 3 Communication skills

Body language, telephone technique, email etiquette, listening skills and questioning know-how all play a part in communication. What sort of impressions are you projecting? What must you do to ensure that your customers see you in a professional but caring light?

'- Module 4 People handling skills

Language can calm or inflame, so what things can you say to calm an upset parent? How can you say NO politely? In this lesson you’ll learn 4 steps for handling difficult customers.

'- Module 5 Time management skills

Are there demands in all directions and not enough hours to do all the jobs on your plate? Do you feel like an office octopus in need of 8 hands? Sounds like you could use some shortcuts and a few tips on how to manage tasks and not let them manage you.

'- Module 6 Setting standards

Winners in customer relations share certain attributes. By now you will have determined what these are and how they apply to you. You will be ready to write your own Customer Relations Action Plan to demonstrate how you will be a superior ambassador for your school

What will I receive on completion of the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff?

On successful completion you will receive a handsome certificate to add to your CV and to display on your office wall.

Who should enrol in the Customer Relations Course for Non-teaching staff?

The course caters for participants from ALL school sectors and is suitable for people employed in pre-school to high school. It is recommended for non-teaching members of the school who have contact with any member of the school community. No previous experience is necessary.