No thanks, too busy for school expo

Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
On evaluation forms, parents at the expo overwhelming said they wanted to see more schools. Some named particular schools they were looking for and expressed disappointment they were not there, still they said “there are plenty of others to look at.” The organisers explained that every school in SA had been invited to the expo.
Some schools refused the invitation to exhibit saying they could not get staff to work on the weekend, or they (marketing managers) were too busy and didn’t want to attend yet another event!
This is in contrast to Wynn Vale School (government primary school) who had a small booth but projected a huge personality. Principal Jan Slape said when she called for volunteers to staff their booth, hands went up everywhere including admin staff. “Everyone at our school understands the importance of community relations and marketing.”
Congratulations Wynn Vale on such a positive school culture. It really showed.
At the end of the expo Wynn Vale commented, “Not only did we talk to a large number of parents, we hired our hall to a dance school and we made other connections that we will follow up.”