Skipping school for junk food

Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
We saw an example of scurrilous press in the Adelaide Advertiser this week* that reminds all schools that the press can dint the reputation of a school in one stroke.
In a news item titled “Skipping school for junk” (an article about students sneaking out of school to buy food from fast food outlets) there was a large photo of three students from Adelaide High School in uniform eating and drinking outside McDonalds. The caption read,
BAD EXAMPLE: Year 11 Adelaide High School and names of students.
It seemed that a press photographer spotted the kids in the street eating McDonalds during school hours. He asked if he could take their photo. They smiled happily for the camera and gave their names.
I was amazed when I saw this photo accompanying such a negative article and wondered how it could have happened.
I found the answer next day.
The following day newspaper published a statement in its defence saying the students had consented to the photograph !?#**!
*Adelaide Advertiser, Wed 8 June 2011, page 19