Hitting the mark with school expo

Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
Not everyone can attend a CMS expo (only run in NSW and SA) but I’m pleased that others are finding ways to get out and meet the the public. Sandy Johnson, Events Coordinator at Glasshouse Country Christian College in Queensland, writes:
As a regional college, we don't have a school̵'s expo relevant to us so are going to have a stand at our local show. The winning stand information in your newsletter was terrific. I have created and organised a professional stand, banners, brochures, video displays and guessing competition to entice visitors to the stand but hadn't even thought about a map!
If you would like to read the Official Report on 2011 School Education Expo SA, with information and photos on who came, what parents were the prize-winning booths send a request to manager@edexpo.info Until next week . . .
Dr Linda Vining