In the bag

Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
Here’s a clever welcoming gesture for students entering senior school.
During orientation at Canberra Girls’ Grammar School, each girl receives a Pastoral Care Welcome Bag. Staff and senior girls explain the symbolic significance of each gift in the bag.
For example . . .
A map to remind you that you will always find the way. A pen to remind you that you are preparing for study.
An eraser to remind you that you will learn from your mistakes.
A tissue to remind you to show consideration and empathy for others.
A star to remind you to shine and always try your best.
A band aid to remind you to heal hurt feelings in yourself and others.
Then there’s a pipe cleaner, a highlighter, cotton balls, chocolate smarties, a balloon, and more, each with a message . . . What fun for Year 7 girls.
Director of Pastoral Care, Jeanette Winder, says the bag generates talk amongst new students, gives new girls a friendly introduction to seniors and gives students lots of things to tell their parents.