Head of Communication at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch NZ, Francesca Crampton, was in the boss’s office when the earthquake struck in February, cowering against a wall as plaster rained down from the ceiling and paintings flew off the walls. The school was severely damaged and the Principal’s home was destroyed in the catastrophe. Students lost parents. Staff lost their homes and belongings. Disbelief and pain affected everyone.
“The ability to remain positive in a crisis situation is vital, yet it is also important to acknowledge the enormity of what has occurred. The adrenalin that serves you well for the first few days is soon replaced with fatigue, anxiety and depression,” said Francesca.
At the School Marketing Aforia in Melbourne, Francesca will tell us how the crisis management team got St Andrew’s up and running again and how they dealt with broken families, destroyed homes, devastated morale and their own pain and shock.
I hope you can join us for this discussion. You just never know when a crisis will strike your school, or the form it will take. Be ready.
It’s holiday time again in Australia so this is the last newsletter for Term 2. Back again in Term 3 on 24 July.
Dr Linda Vining