Online school surveys

Date posted: 09 Jan 2012
Technology now makes it much easier to develop online surveys for market research, but formulating the questions is still a time-consuming challenge. I am often asked if I will sell the questions alone that are used in CMS surveys.
The answer now is yes.
CMS Satisfaction Surveys are evolving to meet the needs of schools who want to develop their own online surveys using tools such as Survey Monkey.
CMS questions have been tested over the years. They are succinctand unambiguous. They take the hard work out of creating your own online survey.
There is a menu of surveys to choose from which includes:
• Parent Satisfaction Survey
• Student Satisfaction Survey
• Year 12 Satisfaction Survey
• End of Primary Satisfaction Survey (Y6 or Y7)
• Kindergarten Parent Satisfaction Survey
• Staff Satisfaction Survey
• Principal Appraisal Survey
You can use the questions in any way you wish, change them, add or subtract questions to suit the nature of your school.
Questionnaires are A$275 per survey (includes gst).
For more information and an order form contact the Centre for Marketing Schools