• Social Media

    Social Media relies on videos. Sometimes these videos are watched without sound. Text is therefore important. Can your promotional video “survive” in telling a story without sound?

    A promotional video for The Bishop Strachan School makes very good use of a few words on screen as they adapt into the next word to continue revealing the diverse education on offer.

    I also love this statement connecting the school’s history ...

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  • 735 Catholic nun.png

    “Lay teachers now make up the bulk of Catholic school employees, a stark contrast to decades ago, when religious men and women — the vast majority nuns — composed 90 percent of school staff. Today, there are just 4,000 religious teachers (in USA), who represent 3 percent of all Catholic school staff from religious orders”

    Catholic schools are changing. In the midst of these changes it is important to record the ...

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  • 734 German first day.png

    How does your school celebrate when children first start? Is it as exciting as Christmas? Do parents, grandparents and the rest of the school get involved to make it a special day?

    A facebook video has highlighted how schools in Germany make the first day at school an extra special occasion for young students. Held on Saturday the school gathers with families to welcome the new students and present them ...

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  • Teachers

    After 35 years on staff at Hills Grammar School http://www.hillsgrammar.nsw.edu.au it was time for a change for Mrs Elizabeth Pellinkhof. As a foundation member of staff, first as a classroom teacher and more recently as Director of Marketing and Community Relations she has played a very significant role in the school.

    Rather than losing this wealth of experience and relationships the school has created a ...

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  • 734 NOFNIDEA IKEA .png

    NOFNIDEA? Was the bold heading on the billboard. The tagline was “no tools, no worries koala.com.” In the background was the distinctive blue and yellow of an IKEA store.

    Australians often like humour. We can be cheeky. Sometimes it backfires. This was an attempt by a mattress / sofa company called koala to poke fun at how much easier it is to assemble their furniture than IKEA. I imagine there ...

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  • hello.png

    People are more likely to tell you their name if you introduce yourself first – even if you wear a name badge. Some people have mental blanks and may know your name – but not immediately. It is a good goal to learn as many names at school as you can.

    “Your name is your most valuable marketing tool; and it’s free, so offer it generously. But don’t expect people ...

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  • 733 Wycliffe at a glance.png

    Videos and movement help engage visitors online. Infographics can help present a wide variety of detail quickly – but they generally lack movement. Wycliffe College choose to combine some infographics snapshots with movement by having the statistics count up to their final numbers. I found it clever and it encouraged me to linger that little bit longer before exploring.

    Note this screen grab shows the areas of interest but not their ...

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  • A Day in the Life School Video

    Date posted: 07 Sep 2018
    733 St Edwards.png

    One of the simplest methods of highlighting what happens at your school is to follow a student. The beauty of these videos is they generally feel more authentic and less like a promotional piece. St Edward’s College created an 8 minute video of one student, Jaeger. The video sets a good pace without being too long, or too short.

    Jaeger is a fan of school. He is excited to ...

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  • 732 Small Business Expo Shark Tank.jpg

    Shark Tank is a popular television show where small business owners pitch their ideas to a team of potential investors to expand their business. Rather than reinventing something schools can often piggyback on ideas that are already widely understood.

    Belmont Christian College http://www.bcc.nsw.edu.au put a call out to their parent business community to attend a Small Business Expo and dinner where their Business Studies students ...

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  • 732 Common Sound 473.png

    A Catholic School and a Synagogue are located across the road from each other in St Louis Park. Students walk across the road for some services. The Rabbi sometimes teaches in the school. This year the two organisations ran “The Common Sound Music Festival.” 700 people attended.

    “This was such a fun endeavor and we love being able to send an important message of unity to the community at-large.”

    Lesson ...

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  • Come and see our new building

    Date posted: 26 Aug 2018

    What message would you put on a branded school bus? I recently saw a nicely branded bus with the back window taken up with what I gather is a changeable sign. The message of “Come and see our new building,” with a photo of a student, made me wonder if it was a missed opportunity. The sign did then suggest a tour and included the website in a clear font ...

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  • What would your school do, if after naming a building after someone, they were later convicted of a serious crime?

    St. Frances Academy in Baltimore has removed the name of its "Drs. Camille and Bill Cosby Community Center" after Bill Cosby was convicted April 26 on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. The letters on the building came down the same day.

    "We ...
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  • Educating for Tomorrow, Today

    Date posted: 22 Aug 2018

    What heading and text do you use in your print media? Is it clear? Is it too clever? Or is it something which ANY school could say? I opened a newspaper recently (yes they still print them) and read the heading “Educating for Tomorrow, Today.” The photo was good. The advertisement included the name of the Registrar, which I really liked. It even offered child minding for an information evening ...

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  • What would your child learn if they attended a school where one in every three children had a disability? At Meeting’s Street’s The Grace School in Providence there are 110 kids from K through 8. Two-thirds of students have no disabilities and are learning alongside one another.

    When asked why she likes going to school with so many kids with special needs Mercy Flomo's response was “I have ...
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  • 726 Catholic.JPG

    Parent Shannon Fitzpatrick lamented “In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic.” The school has removed all but 18 of its 180 religious statues in an effort to be more ...

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  • Bible Open

    A recent article highlights the diversity of schooling systems internationally. “The Battle River School Division voted last week to close Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingman, Alta., southeast of Edmonton at the end of the school year.”

    The main reason behind the dispute has been the teaching of certain scriptures about sexuality. The complication is that the Christian school is actually a public school so part of an overseeing school division ...

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  • Planning

    When developers of new housing areas are planning they hopefully are thinking about important infrastructure such as parks, shops and schools. These ‘inclusions’ make a new release more attractive to families and investors. Yet developers do not want to run schools – and the Government may be slow to realise the opportunity so private schools are approached. In Donnybrook Victoria a new school campus of Hume Anglican Grammar is being built ...

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  • Working from the belief that "Self-discipline is far better than the externally imposed kind" a report was released last week about the impact Catholic Schools have on self-discipline. The findings suggest three key takeaways.
    • Schools that value and focus on self-discipline will likely do a better job of fostering it in children. 
    • Other schools have something to learn from Catholics schools when it comes to fostering self-discipline. 
    • We ...
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  • Girard College

    In an age of selective schools, rising tuition fees and school competition I was surprised to learn of a school with the following admission criteria. Students need to be:

    • Living below the poverty line
    • Raised by a single parent (or less than that)
    • Academically gifted, as defined by admissions tests

    At Girard College in Philadelphia all students receive a full scholarship and live on campus. How does that work? Well ...

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  • No School on Fridays

    Date posted: 22 Aug 2018
    When you are willing to do things differently as a school it is worth highlighting those differences. CREo School is a small school located in a rural area of Mississippi. The school doesn’t plan classwork on Fridays so students can spend time with family members or take extra lessons in a field they are interested in. 

    The school is very deliberate in promoting the idea their staff are role ...
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