What would your child learn if they attended a school where one in every three children had a disability? At Meeting’s Street’s The Grace School in Providence there are 110 kids from K through 8. Two-thirds of students have no disabilities and are learning alongside one another.

When asked why she likes going to school with so many kids with special needs Mercy Flomo's response was “I have an aunt, she has Down Syndrome, and I like that everybody’s included here. When you reach out to kids who might otherwise be left out, it teaches you about friendship. Helping kids with so many challenges makes you feel good about yourself, and also teaches patience."

With an average of 15 students per class, often with a teacher aide, there is a high ratio of staff to students which is also attractive to parents of children with no disability. The tuition costs are also lower than many private schools.

The school's website describes "inclusive classrooms that combine rigorous academics with a culture of compassion for children."