Come and see our new building

Date posted: 26 Aug 2018

What message would you put on a branded school bus? I recently saw a nicely branded bus with the back window taken up with what I gather is a changeable sign. The message of “Come and see our new building,” with a photo of a student, made me wonder if it was a missed opportunity. The sign did then suggest a tour and included the website in a clear font so it was still well done.

However, sometimes I feel we can be excited about a new building, or anything new, but our audience couldn’t care less. I believe our audience are asking the “So what?” Question. What is in it for the prospective parent or student? This school’s new building IS VERY impressive but I didn’t know that from this sign.

Possibly a better line would have been “8 new Science Labs for Fearless Thinkers” or “Explore New facilities – video tour” or “Imagine the opportunities for your daughter – New Building Video.”

The lesson: Signs do need to be short yet are more effective when they are written with an audience in mind.