A Day in the Life School Video

Date posted: 07 Sep 2018
733 St Edwards.png

One of the simplest methods of highlighting what happens at your school is to follow a student. The beauty of these videos is they generally feel more authentic and less like a promotional piece. St Edward’s College created an 8 minute video of one student, Jaeger. The video sets a good pace without being too long, or too short.

Jaeger is a fan of school. He is excited to start each day and narrates the video. The video switches to some teachers explaining what they are doing – or why. Teachers honour the positive attributes of the students. The video also includes a couple of Jaeger’s friends talking. There may be a couple of contrived moments, yet I think the video is worth watching as a good example. I expect many parents and young males could identify with Jaeger, his attitudes, personality, interests and take the next step to visit the school.