The limitation of printed publications is the static nature of the information. Their beauty is that they will still be readable in 10, 20 or 100 years. Many schools have considered switching from print to video or interactive Year Books. The challenge is will the media still be interactive in 10 years when technology changes?

The yearbook created by Glasshouse Christian College includes some photos marked by a red arrow. Download a free app and these selected photos come to life as videos. The advantage I see is that even if the app is not available in the future the photos are still meaningful without the video. The beauty is far more students, staff and parents can be included in a year book via video than with photos – plus you can hear.

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Is this something your school has tried?

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Sandy Johnson from Glasshouse explained "One of the things we have done is put in place a back up plan in case HP Reveal is taken over by someone else and the instructions are different. We've created an AR page on our website and included the address in the Yearbook. The page includes trouble shooting and if the log in details ever change with the third party like HP Reveal, it will be a simple matter of updating our website to reflect the change and include new directions when necessary."