"Innovation is as simple as asking how we can do things better." Emma Clemens writes a blog “Think | Teach | Learn” as a help to fellow teachers. In her blog “Innovation is a state of mind” she asks...

"Consider much of your day is spent thinking and how much is reacting? Do you over prioritise today at the cost of thinking about tomorrow? It’s easy to repeat patterns of behaviour and continue acting in the same way you have in the past.”

It is sad when school marketing becomes repetitive, predictable and ineffective in the clutter. Schools may even promote the concept of “lifetime learners.” The best way I know of encouraging this is reality is by the adults in the school role modelling being lifetime learners.

My encouragement: Take a break from your desk, walk around your school as if you are seeing it for the first time and talk to someone you have never chatted to before - or at any length. See what you can learn from them. Rather than looking at the marketing of other schools consider spending an hour researching how a local service successfully promotes themselves to your community. You may learn something from the local plumber, electrician, builder, café, mechanic, dentist or shop which you can adapt into your situation.