Schools can have media coverage for many reasons – positive and negative. What I liked about this article was that it was education related – not a scandal, not fundraising or community service. Rather it was a teacher showing initiative to improve the learning experience of his geography class with Virtual Reality headsets that use the students own mobile phones.

“Here at Tri-Cities Christian, we’re working hard to deliver a high-quality, college preparatory education with God at the center,” Hornsby said. “We utilize technology whenever possible to enhance the learning experience. That’s why I pursued the virtual reality headsets — they add a hands-on, interactive experience that’s fun and educational, and moving forward, every topic will include a virtual reality part of the lesson.”

Often the local media prefer human interest stories. Yet this story of a teacher’s personal efforts manages to mix human interest and classroom education – with quite a few quotes which helps reinforce the uniqueness of the school.

Have a read at: Tri-Cities Christian School teacher brings virtual reality to his lessons