When prospective parents and students visit your school what do they experience during and afterwards? Marion Cape, Director of Marketing and Communications at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar operates in a highly competitive area of Melbourne Australia. They are continually innovating with their Open Mornings. Marion shared their current process is that when guests register they receive a welcome pack with all relevant information and a small branded gift (slapband) for the child. The event starts in the warmth and cosiness of the library (known as the Knowledge Exchange), set up with seating for the Principal to introduce the school.

Year 8 and Year 6 students then take families on the tour. A member of staff takes the Early Learning Centre families. “Any children, as part of the tour participate in our “Green Screen” experience, where they can select a location/experience and a photo can be taken on the moon, in a Design Studio, or overseas on one of our trips and tours etc.” These photos are emailed to the families as a memento of Strathcona. The tour concludes in the Music Centre with a piano playing, mobile barista cart and doors open to a playground for children. Senior teaching staff, admissions and marketing are on hand here to answer questions on curriculum, how to apply, availability etc. Marion explained “Finally we send out a short survey to see how our guests enjoyed the tour, thank them for attending, have we answered all their questions, is there room for improvements and can we assist with anything else to progress their application.”

Thanks for sharing Marion!

Lesson: Is it time to review the experience – during and afterwards- which your prospective parents and students have when first visiting your school?