School Open Day tips and ideas

Date posted: 11 Mar 2017
Most families will look at several schools to reassure themselves they are making an informed decision. It is important, as school marketers, to remain aware of what options your parents have as they compare and choose schools. St Augustine’s College Sydney  had an extensive advertising campaign in local media leading up to their Open Night. The series of advertisements, each with different photos, gave an insight into their updated facilities. The event was well attended.

Some things which impressed me
  • Balloons and signage on the local main road acted as a prompt for directions
  • A staff member greeted visitors at the gate, handed out a map and explained where to go
  • Free gelato and sausage sizzle stalls
  • All, or many, of the staff were there from 3.45pm to 7.00pm with clear name badges
  • Many of the 1,300 boys were there – well presented in uniform
  • Boys were doing science experiments or working with clay and talked with visitors
  • Student bands played in the quadrangle
  • Students were doing sport training on the field
  • Large pot plants were strategically placed to block off some areas to visitors
  • While the Principal spoke a slideshow of images scrolled through behind him
  • A student spoke to the audience in both sessions
  • Students took visitors on tours in small groups

One of the challenges is that the school is in a residential area and fills the site. Parking is limited. The school asked that senior students use other forms of transport to school that day as one way of freeing up some additional street parking for visitors.