Schools find themselves being reported on in the media for all sorts of reasons. It helps to be aware of it early. Using Google Alerts each week I receive notifications for a variety of keywords and phrases. 
The three basic ones I would encourage you to set up are:
  • Name of your school
  • Name of your Principal
  • Suburb
You may also like to set up ones for local competitor schools. Things like your suburb you may like to only receive weekly rather than daily. I am currently receiving daily alerts for the name of a high profile parent in case they mention their children or school.

The challenges with Alerts can be:
  • Other schools, Principals and suburbs with the same name around the world can also appear in your alerts. 
  • The sheer volume of some words and phrases means you receive more emails than is helpful or the alerts don’t feature what is actually relevant to you.
Encourage your staff to be your eyes and ears in local media. It is better to have several staff mention an article than for all of them to assume someone else brought it to your attention. This is especially important if you don't live in the local area of your school.

Another paid tool is > Mention