When prospective parents and students are considering schools they will: 
  • Ask friends for recommendations
  • Search online
While a positive personal recommendation from a known and trusted people is the most effective promotion of your school it can give a narrow view. School websites, especially when using video, can open the window further. Thomas Hassall Anglican College and The Hills Grammar School have both worked with Daniel Sieff and his video company Revery.
The day in the life of The Hills Grammar School reveals a great deal about the school. One of the things I liked about this video was the inclusion of the maintenance people blowing leaves and setting up chairs. It can be the inclusion of these extra human elements, which are often left out, which says something about a school culture. There is also a clever way of marking the passing of time from each period in the school day.

A day in the life of a school from REVERY on Vimeo.