When 40, of the nearly 400 students, at Lee Christian School in North Carolina caught the flu the school realised they needed to act. They sent a text to all parents advising them that the school would be closed for the next two days. Specialised cleaners were called in to the school in a proactive attempt to stop the potential of a further outbreak. 

The decision was reported in local media including sending out a TV news crew. The news team reported on a single red piece of paper signage and interviewed some students.

While the school’s response was overall seen as a positive one consider:
  • Text messages may be seen on news reports – take care with grammar and tone.
  • The sign you quickly pop on the door could become the centre of a news report – take care.
  • In the absence of school staff reporters will interview anyone. 
  • Media attention may not be in response to your beautifully crafted press release but rather news you don’t have any control over.
It is a good reminder to ask whether students, and staff, know who to direct journalists to.