How many reasons do you provide to prospective families to enrol at your school? Lindfield Christian School in USA has created a page of their website listing 101 Reasons – By combining slide over photos, text and links to more details, including some videos, it provides a wonderful series of snapshots into the school.

So as not to overwhelm visitors with 101 reasons you can also narrow categories by areas of interest - “Academics / High School / Elementary School / Athletics / Student Life / Fine Arts / Middle School / Faith.” Naturally, several of the 101 reasons appear in multiple categories.

One reason is the school’s > Great Race “a spirited class competition during Homecoming week that requires students to band together to complete a variety of physical and mental challenges. Dressed head to toe in their class colors, they compete in games of Blind Volleyball, Dodgeball, Academic Bowl, Can-Can, and Tug-of-War before participating in a sprawling race across the high school campus”.