Who is allowed to attend your school and how are they funded? A Court of Queen's Bench judge “issued the ruling that after the next school year, non-Catholic students won't be able to attend Catholic schools in Saskatchewan (Canada). So as of June 30, 2018, Saskatchewan school children who are not Catholic will have to attend public schools.” The court ruling “calls for the end of public funding for non-Catholic students who attend separate schools."

The Court ruling “could force thousands of Sask. students from Catholic schools” and "the public school system would have "an incredibly difficult time" managing the influx of students."

In marketing our schools we often assume a stable continuation of the current systems. However rules change, new schools start, existing schools close, a scandal can tarnish a school’s reputation. As marketers we need to plan for the future with flexibility.

Australian readers from independent and Catholic schools should be aware of the impact on our school funding from the Catholic School's strike in Goulburn in 1962. Have a read of "A 'strike' changed it all"

Court ruling could force thousands of Sask. students from Catholic schools, education minister says
Expert predicts 'significant change' in Sask. Catholic school system if court ruling stands