Over the years many schools have done clever lip sync videos to popular songs and in the process incorporated many students and staff. It can be a clever way of creating something easy to share while also showing off many of your school facilities.
However this week FCJ College in Benalla Victoria released a fun video combining students, staff and a local aged care facility. The result is something which obviously brought a great deal of pleasure to the elderly residents and provided an opportunity for them to spend time with young people. It also shows you that an old and familiar song can be better than a modern one if you want to engage an older audience.

This video is not merely a promotional tool. Principal Joanne Rock says “For the past weeks our Year 7s have been forging a special bond with the residents at Cooinda with singing lessons from Wellbeing director Catherine Burton. Some year 10 English students have also had the privilege to write the memoirs of 6 very special residents.” This community partnership came together with a concert titled “Let's Find our Voice!”