“Your job as a marketer is to leave the brand in at least as good a shape as when you inherited it. And if the right choice is to maintain the status quo, then job done.” This is a good quote to re-read. 

Each of us are responsible to play a part in a season in the life of our school. We are part of the story. I find this sobering. The quote is from > Naughty Client School: marketing ethics and what not to do.

Understanding the role of ethics in school marketing is important. I believe there is no point teaching ethics to students if the adults are not practicing it. Do students and parents read our school advertisements and marketing materials and respond with “Yes! That’s true.” Or do they say “that’s not my experience” or worse?

The article also says…  “Marketing used to be the department that did the colouring in. Now we’re drawing the lines that everyone else colours in. And we all know why. The balance of power has shifted. Once brands were powerful and customers were grateful. Now customers are powerful and brands are grateful. So CEOs are desperately looking for help with truly understanding customers. And it’s what we’ve always done as marketers. It’s meant the marketing department finally has a prime seat at the boardroom table.”