I recently did a road trip in Western Australia. While most normal people may drive straight past schools I find myself slowing down, stopping and often taking photos for fresh ideas.

Two schools stood out by doing something out of the ordinary. Pemberton District High School (K-10) offers horticulture. Outside their school gate is a permanent fresh produce stall. Even though it was winter, and during school holidays, there was still lemons and parsley available for the local community to enjoy.

St Bernard’s Primary School have decorated their front fence with large colourful poppies painted on metal. These long lasting symbols, along with the words ‘Lest we forget’ create a permanent display honouring those who served in the Australian forces. This simple display on a busy road helps reinforce the school as a local landmark in the community.

Has your school done something different with your school fences and entrances? I would love to hear from you and share it with the network.