When your Early Learning Centre kitchen has a lady like Marie Drewett it is worth celebrating and sharing. Karin Dunsford, Director of Development at St Andrew’s School explained “Marie designs and prepares all of the meals for the boys and girls from the age of three year in the centre and they love everything she makes. Parents are always amazed that their children are so keen to try different foods, and they often prefer Marie’s recipes to the ones at home!” In response they made a video of Marie making her famous eggless apple crumble so that parents could make it just like the children have at school.  The video was shared via Facebook and YouTube and now is possibly the most popular recipe with their school community.

Karin also mentioned how “Young children can often be fussy eaters for their parents but at our ELC tables they enjoy the different menu each day. The children are also the ones who set the table and clear away afterwards and at the same time learn about table manners.”

What simple ideas from your own school community could you share in the same way?