David Hayes, Media Communications Manager at Knox Grammar School shared a new 360 degree Virtual Reality video titled ‘With Me Now.' While the uniqueness of this video may be the modern 360 degree viewing it is also a well crafted story showcasing the school’s facilities. The video includes interviews with various students taking about their interests, favourite teachers and what they may like to do after school. This means it works for all viewers.

David’s advice is “to get the most out of this video, watch it on your phone via the YouTube app, turn on the sound and move/tilt your phone, or, better still, use a Virtual Reality headset.” Or you can simply use your mouse to rotate the scene. The video features a music soundtrack performed by the students of Knox. It has already had a great reaction on social media and was showed to prospective families at a Boarding Schools Expo. 

Thank you David and well done to the team at Knox Grammar. Has any other school used VR video yet?