School uniforms are often a contentious issue. Changing them is also. Sandy Nelson, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Lowtherhall Anglican Grammar School shared the launch of new uniforms, the philosophy behind the changes and some of the process. A committee of dedicated students, Old Grammarians, staff and parents has worked for 24 months to develop the new wardrobe. The uniform will be phased in from the beginning of 2018 and to 2020. 

Girls will now have a choice of a skirt, dress, pants or shorts. Students in Kindergarten to Year 1 will not be allowed to wear a dress or skirt at all. This is to encourage active play. The wardrobe was designed by well-known RM Williams designer Mr Jonathan Ward. Sandy says “We also wanted to “stand out” from the other schools in our area (who all have navy blazers and until now we did too!). Jonathan reintroduced a blue that was prominent in our school dresses back in the 1940s.”

The launch video covers topics of why do we wear a uniform, the changing role of women and the activities they partake in.  Importantly it also includes student reactions to the uniform and the options it introduces. Items of current uniform that are no longer required are able to be donated to schools in Tanzania.

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