The myth of perpetual school growth

Date posted: 19 Jan 2018
This year I am helping organise a 40th birthday celebration for a school. The school is healthy, growing and enjoys a good reputation. There is reason to celebrate, to remember and be optimistic about the future. Yet I often read of schools closing and realise that even after 100 years a school is not immune to changing demographics, competition, financial pressure or mismanagement, economic downtown or scandals. 

I meet some school marketers who believe in never ending growth for their school. When faced with stagnant or declining enrolments they naturally struggle. In the article > Glendale Catholic school shutting its doors this year due to plunge in enrolment it explains how the school went from 200 to 100 students in only six years and so became unviable to continue.

Being aware of the changing demographics and schooling options in your area is especially important for school marketers.  Take some time in 2018 to research what is happening around you and plan accordingly. This research forms part of the six month distance education Diploma in School Marketing offered by the Centre for Marketing Schools. Learn more at > Diploma in School Marketing