What is the culture in your school? Do you give gifts to students as they graduate? Do you give gifts to their parents? Do students give gifts - and if so to whom? It may be worth sowing ideas to your students in younger years to think outside the box.

During their time at school senior students at Salisbury Christian School did ministry work in Jose Galvez, Peru. Following their experiences the students wanted to give the community there something that would leave an impact. "This student-led effort was able to raise $16,000 for an ultrasound. Salisbury Christian hopes to head back to Peru with another group of students so they can see how the device being used." This is a meaningful gift which the students worked for rather than were charged for as sometimes happens with school gifts. The gift of an ultrasound had the added benefit of attracting media attention and potentially generating far more goodwill and positive word of mouth for the school than their other marketing activities.