Bullying, and your schools reputation of how it is dealt with can form a significant part of your word of mouth marketing – both positively and negatively. 

Often it is the students who have changed schools in the past six to twelve months who are most aware of the cultural differences between your school and their previous one. It is good to talk to them. It was refreshing to hear from a student at one school I did work for that the students there were “freakishly friendly.” While ‘freakishly’ wasn’t the word I would use it carried how much of a contrast it had been to have other students proactively interested in, engaging with and welcoming him and not just for the first week. At the same school a student was eventually expelled for repeated bullying. Surprisingly the child’s parents felt it was well handled by the school and appropriate so still enrolled their younger children over the coming years. At another school a student identified that bullying was noticed quicker at her new school. Having words and responses from actual students, rather than stating the policies, can help when you are talking with prospective parents who raise the issue of bullying. 

Students from Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School created a video to show what a difference speaking well of each other makes instead of putting each other down.