The marketing campaign for the Macquarie Graduate School of Management is heavily driven by its recent success in international rankings. However the Australian newspaper reported "Leading business school the Macquarie Graduate School of Management has taken a reputation hit after it dropped out of the prestigious Financial Times Global MBA ranking because too few of its alumni replied to a survey."

Knowing what to include in our marketing campaigns is challenging. If rankings can be affected simply by how many students participate in a survey then it can be beyond our control. Schools which market heavily on their academic success may have ups and downs depending on the particular cohort of students each year. One school I worked with had very strong academics but found that as a result it attracted families who only wanted the results without embracing the school’s unique philosophy and culture and therefore were often frustrated. Another school promised strong academics in all their marketing material but results were actually quite average – which again caused negative word of mouth. 

Our role as school marketers is to celebrate our school community in a realistic way. I believe true stories of real students and their families are the best way. A testimonial is hard to dispute.

What is a great story you are sharing in your school marketing?