Like many schools the Inter-community School (ICS) in Zurich summaries their vision for students in three short statements. The ‘rule of three’ works in many situations as it makes things easier to remember. The first two statements are similar to many schools:
  • Achieve your Potential
  • Pursue your Passion
It was the third one that took my attention
  • Fulfil your Responsibility
In an age of ‘personal rights’ it is refreshing to see a school marketing ‘responsibility’ up front rather than only mentioning it once the students are enrolled. 

The promotional video on the school’s home page then goes on to explain the expectations for students, staff and parents. Setting expectations early is important. Unmet expectations, or schools who overpromise what they are providing, is often the cause of resentment among families and negative word of mouth.

Watch the video at: Learning at ICS