Genesis Christian College ran a “Foodbank” cook up on a Thursday afternoon. Students and staff volunteered their time after school to cook up bulk meals to stock the food bank. Marketing Coordinator Mrs Taryn Thomas explained that "the food bank can be accessed by any family in the school community who may require a meal to help out, whether it be due to time, money or any other constraint. We call these projects, “MAD Projects” – Make a Difference and one is run every term."

A school food bank, community freezer or cook a meal service are all practical ways of helping your community help others in their community. Caring for members of your community is ideally a natural outworking of a school. However creating structures can help encourage and promote it. Allowing recipients to remain anonymous and including an ingredients list are things to consider if you set up a meal service. 

Cooking a meal for someone facing a challenge is not designed as a marketing exercise. Yet the good will, loyalty and positive word of mouth it can generate can be much more than other traditional forms of paid "marketing."