The local newspaper is still where you will find many schools advertising. It is an easy, predictable, choice for schools. The downside is that your school is often lost in the clutter of other schools with similar messages. Being seen in unusual places is often more likely to spark interest and conversations among both your current and prospective parents and students. 

Both Barker and Pymble Ladies’ College have advertised on the Weatherzone app. The advantages are that you can target prospective customers from State down to postcode level, set the time of day for an advert to be seen, or have it linked to a particular weather condition or forecast. 

While many advertising mediums are biased towards women this one is predominately male.
  • 78% are male
  • 22% are female
  • 43% are aged 30-44
  • 39% are aged 45-64
  • 88% have shopped online in the last year
  • 76% visit Weatherzone at least a few times a week
  • 45% visit Weatherzone at least daily
Your advertisement can be a static image or an animated gif of several images presented as a repeating slideshow.