What do ‘people’ in your local community say about your school? Are there perceptions, half truths, or misinformation circulating which stops prospective families even adding your school to their short list of ones to contact? It takes a brave school to be willing to not only admit but to verbalise what negative stories are being told. 

What are the risks? It may:
  • reinforce those perceptions
  • highlight and publicise negative perceptions beyond what may have been a limited audience
  • leave a doubt in a viewer’s mind
What are the benefits? 
  • recognises you are aware of public opinion
  • doing nothing won’t make those stories go away
  • it empowers your current community (students, parents and staff) to share something positive when the negatives come up in conversation
  • it isn’t your normal school promotional video so potentially more likely to generate interest, comments,  discussion and be shared. 
Take a look at how this school bravely addressed negative comments and perceptions. Note how they are raised naturally in conversations with the goal being to show these students are “reassuringly normal.”


Could you list five common negative impressions you need to address for your school? Try it now…