Enforcing correct wearing of uniforms or changing uniforms often generates friction and controversy in schools. Dresses and skirts for female students are standard. However Santa Sabina College in Sydney is one of very few schools in the city which will now offer pants and shorts to all female students.

Beyond the introduction of pants the main school uniform colour will change from green to black. Year 10 student Grace Campbell said "If you're performing a scene or doing any kind of activity that requires a lot of movement then you do feel quite self-conscious [in a dress]. We're now wearing clothes that we could wear in the workplace and in our adult lives. I would feel a lot more grown up in the new senior uniform than the kilt, because it's a lot more modern."

Principal Dr Herrett said "We want girls to be comfortable ... I think with the littler girls particularly, to run around the playground, to turn upside-down and all that.”

I imagine in years to come having uniform options will be more accepted. By being among the first schools to embrace the change it is easier to generate media attention.