Paying outside consultants to create promotional videos can be a worthwhile investment. Building your own in-house team can be more cost effective, responsive plus have a greater impact on the school culture.

Tanya Socorro, Registrar, Community, Events & Marketing Coordinator at Launceston Christian School explained “our AV team consists of myself and our school’s Graphic Designer, Peter Cox. We are so lucky to have a school Graphic Designer full time here – something I would actively promote to other schools because the benefits are great. We both have a passion for filming, design, watching movies and constantly get inspired to use our creative inspiration to make av’s. We’ve worked together for a number of years now and love what we do. The benefit of having a school team like we do has rubbed off on students here enabling them to be camera friendly – for example students we filmed in grade 6 many years ago are now in senior years and very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a great benefit to do this as the legacy created flows on throughout the years enabling us to show comfortable students on screen.”

The team provides regular content to the school’s facebook page called “LCS Live.” Take a look at some of the videos at