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A change of school leadership creates uncertainty. There will be a combination of hopes and fears among staff, parents and even students. The reason for a change of Principals is a major factor. Were they well loved, overstayed their welcome, retiring, accepting a promotion to a larger school, or were they asked to leave?

If the “old” Principal is leaving on good terms then having them involved in the welcoming video can help reassure the community that the transition will be smooth.

I have compiled a collection of New Principal Announcement videos. They may be helpful for ideas if you need to create your own. Each video will use language and emphasise aspects important to their community. As you watch take some notes thinking about your own school and culture.

Things to consider:

  • Board involvement. Would they present well? Does your school community know and trust them?
  • Student involvement. How many, what ages and roles in the video?
  • Human vs academics. Do you want the Principal to be seen as a person with a life beyond school or are their qualifications the most important aspect?
  • What school facilities to show? Remember this video may be watched by prospective families also.
  • Does this video reflect the culture and expectations of your school community? Formal, informal, friendly, serious.
  • What works? What doesn’t? What feels natural or awkward for your own school community?
  • Does this new Principal reinforce the reason current parents choose this school? Or will they be changing the direction of the school?
  • The quality of sound, lighting and editing should reflect the desired image of the school. Will you include background noise or music? Three to five minutes with potentially a shorter teaser version may be appropriate. Some of these videos are shorter and work well.

If you have more examples please send me the link.

New School Principal self-introduction. The video starts with the Principal playing handball with students which sets the tone for this relaxed and friendly introduction.

New School Principal self-introduction. A very casual and friendly approach.

The new Principal high fiving students as they enter the school is an informal way of saying this leader will not be hiding in their office. His intention is not to shake things up. Consider what message you want to say to your community.

Incorporating aspects of faith can be extremely important for some school communities. This video is short yet covers quite a bit of material in a relaxed manner.

New Principal self-introduction giving her background and her goals.

At 39 seconds this video introduction is the shortest I found.

Using a white studio and subtitles gives a different feel to this video introduction. It is more about the person than any school facilities. Talking of her love of teaching, and not expecting to be a Principal, is different to many introductions. It is a reminder that there is not a formula to these video introductions.

Another one of the series using a white studio

This video introduces 11 new Principals at new Government schools in Victoria

After a walk in the school grounds this interview introduction takes place in the school’s chapel. There are some good questions to consider incorporating into a video for your school.

New Principal self-introduction. Another library location but this one benefits from two cameras, better use of out of focus background and some photos to support the content.

New Principal self-introduction. Including footage of classrooms and assemblies means more students are included – even if not heard.

New Principal self-introduction. Explaining his background and the process of his transfer into the role. The video ends with the Principal’s own email address so viewers can contact him directly.

This more formal video starts with an introduction from the existing retiring Principal after 19 years and then the Board Chair as they announce the new Principal. Seeing old and new Principal together helps with the transition. Adding photos helps break up the video rather than just being talking heads.

New Principal on first day of school. This is clever in that it is less about an introduction about the Principal as a welcome to school year and an endorsement of her in the new role.

What we want in a new Principal. Hear from some children about what a Principal does and how they would like them to behave. This idea could be incorporated into a video introduction.

These two videos have been shared previously with the network and I believe are good examples.

Wycliffe Christian School. A fun, friendly and informative introduction with Board and student involvement.

Ravenswood School for Girls