No School on Fridays

Date posted: 22 Aug 2018
When you are willing to do things differently as a school it is worth highlighting those differences. CREo School is a small school located in a rural area of Mississippi. The school doesn’t plan classwork on Fridays so students can spend time with family members or take extra lessons in a field they are interested in. 

The school is very deliberate in promoting the idea their staff are role models and not simply educators. They thoughtfully craft “an atmosphere in which proven Christian role models not only teach students but model life for them as they eat together in the community cafeteria, clean up alongside one another and, because of the small class sizes, engage in meaningful conversations throughout each day.”

They train students in archery believing it helps teach perseverance. I imagine as a small school they may not be able to offer a wide range of sports so celebrating what they do offer and why is important. 

This is a great testimonial about the school’s teachers. It is one which most schools may not choose to, or be able to, display… 
What makes me happiest at the end of every day, however, is that my children LAUGH at school – a lot. Besides being dedicated, compassionate and qualified, the leaders at CREÅ� are just really, really funny and full of joy and wit. Every single day, my children reap the benefits of such abundant joy, and as a parent, I cannot be more thankful.