When Marie van Gend, Choir Director at St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie received an email inviting the school choir to perform in Carnegie Hall New York she thought it was a joke. Almost a year later a group of students, combined with other choirs around the world, performed a 40 minute song for the very first time.

Fortunately the school started to record the unfolding event early. This footage has been incorporated into a five episode ‘documentary’ over 23 minutes.

It is a wonderful story celebrating a dedicated teacher, students and their families. The video reveals school facilities, family life, interaction with staff and the hard work and satisfaction of bringing out the best in students. I love that the school was already doing something very well and that this opportunity came to them rather than it being a school marketing 'exercise.' The ABC News did a piece on the choir and the general media attention has been significant.

Well done Marie and St Columba on saying yes and creating a wonderful experience for students.

See Episode One and link to the other four episodes. (The 'views' on the school's facebook page are much more than on YouTube).